When I am working in Framework Manager, I always use the Context Explorer to check the relationship between database entities, fact tables and their dimensions in a star schema.  When I moved to Cognos v8.4, I noticed a very annoying problem. The Context Explorer is not saving the settings between sessions. So each time I open the Context Explorer I have to select the view options like Star Schema options and others. I am sure I didn’t have this problem in Cognos v8.3.

So after searching IBM support website, I found that it is a problem and that they have a workaround for it. here is what I found in IBM support website,

In Framework Manager, the level of detail settings (query items, relationships, cardinality, notation) are not saved. Changing these in the Context Explorer will not save these settings for the next session

Change these settings in the Diagram View, and they will be propagated the next time Context Explorer is used.


  1. Open the Diagram View (View > Views > Diagram View)
  2. Set the level of detail, either by right-clicking on the whitespace and selecting Level Of Detail, or go to Diagram > Level Of Detail
  3. Save the project


  1. Open the Diagram View (View > Views > Diagram View)
  2. Go to Diagram > Diagram settings…
  3. Specify the Level of Details
  • Select whether you want these settings to be the default for all new projects (8.4 Only) Click OK and then Save the project